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Speedy Worm Specializes in Fresh Live Bait

Fresh, live bait delivered right to your door.

  • Quality Bait

    Our live products are fresh and lively

  • Cost Effective

    We have great low prices on live worms and leeches

  • Great Support

    We have exceptional customer service

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Create Memories That Last a Lifetime

Great fishing memories start with quality bait. Our high quality and affordable live bait will have you hooking fish in no time. Enjoy the excitement of the catch with those you love sharing time with most.

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Only the Best for Your Pets

While our worms are primarily used as live fishing bait, they can also be used as high quality food for your pets & birds.  Just toss a handful into your bird feeder and watch the birds fly in to enjoy a nice treat.

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Need Help Composting?

Our Composting Worms and European Nightcrawlers can be used as composting worms. Feeding the worms table scraps and using their castings as fertilizer for their garden and house plants.

Speedy Worm Composting Worms

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Customer Reviews

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I have ordered from other sites and this is by far the best. Very fast delivery. Worms in good shape. I originally bought wax worms to feed Carolina Wrens. Then noticed Bluejays, Cardinals, some Sparrows, Mockingbirds and Woodpeckers are eating them too. We have a young Baltimore Oriole staying around eating them too. I'm sure they're good for fishing also.

Maryl L.

Received my order on time and all the bait is very fresh and quite lively!! Thanks for doing the follow up and going the extra distance on all my orders.

Myron L.

I just received an order of spikes (for mantis feeders) in this crazy July heat. They were extremely well packed, even in 90 degree weather traveling to PA, there was not a single pupate and all maggots were fleshy and healthy! Definitely my new feeder source year round

Jennifer H.

What a great company! These folks are very accommodating and concerned that what you order is received fresh and alive. I would definitely order from them again. Thanks!

Bob S.

1000 Wax Worms and 500 Spikes arrived together, alive and well. Two weeks later the Spikes have been devoured by my entourage of Chameleons, Geckos and Anoles.I still have 500 Wax Worms doing well. Great Company!

Dr. Bill

I recently ordered wax worms from your company because I have had good luck with this kind of bait before. Had been fishing using night crawlers till I received the order from you. The bluegills are biting hard on them and they are lively in the carton. I will order more wax worms again next year.

David B.